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Amandus Kahl GmbH & Co. KG

Amandus Kahl, founded in 1876, is medium-sized and family-owned.
Research, design, development and synergies are key features of the company.

Complete compound feed factories, rice mills, grain processing plants, food freezing systems, fluidised bed processes, green coffee centres and coffee roasters are delivered all over the world.

For the recycling industry, we offer complete waste tyre recycling plants, domestic waste pelleting plants as well as straw, biomass and wood pelleting plants. In all areas, we are among the leading international manufacturers.

More than 700 employees, a worldwide network of agencies, service technicians, subsidiaries and sales offices provide support to our customers - every day, around the globe. The machines and plant parts are manufactured near Hamburg and Bremen, so they are "Made in Germany".


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As a family-owned, medium-sized company, our actions have always taken a long-term view. This is particularly true in relation to our employees. Their creativity and commitment are the key to our success.

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For the compound feed industry, wood and biomass pelleting, tire recycling and the recycling of domestic and industrial waste.

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