Fish Feed Plants

In addition to the process and plant design for the complete line, Kahl provided support regarding the basic formulas and the raw materials to be used as well as intensive training of the operating personnel.

The fish feed factory is equipped with the latest KAHL process technology, the core of which is the extrusion system with the Kahl Extruder OEE and the process control system ESEP.

In the production process, the raw materials undergo the process steps of weighing, fine grinding, mixing, extrusion, drying, vacuum coating, cooling and packaging. In the first expansion stage, the factory has a capacity of 25,000 t/year. Sinking, slowly sinking and floating products in various shapes and sizes can be produced.

The formulas tailored to the requirements of the sea bream are characterized by a low starch and high protein content.

Particularly in the area of ​​conditioning and extrusion, the Kahl process technology allows them to react to the demands of the local raw materials.

Shaping and adjustment of the pellet density are realised in the extruder type OEE. This machine is equipped with the hydraulically movable die which is typical for the Kahl extruder. It allows an extruder start with open die which makes the critical process start and stop very easy and waste saving. Due to the automatic opening of the die, a die change can be completed within 120 sec. This provides additional convenience; in particular since fish feed production typically requires a variety of different pellet diameters. At the same time a high level of plant availability with a low downtime results from the rapid die change. An all-encompassing modernisation package could be implemented in the periphery of the new KAHL gentle vacuum coater.

In light of continuous quality monitoring of the finished product, a new software system for batch traceability was installed. It allows the storage of more than 1,000 formulae and retracing of the production data. This results in a kind of "transparent" production. Packaging